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Startup trends for students in 2022

Technological advancements have made starting a business, whether to generate income or gain work experience while in school, college, or university, both accessible and affordable. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer and access to the internet to get started.

But while you’re still a student, you should remember that your education trumps your side hustle. So, it is crucial that you weigh your options and choose to start a practical business that is needed in the market and won’t take you away from your studies for too long.

Be sure to invest your time, finances, and energy in a business that resonates with your interests to avoid feeling like your work is tedious. Hence, to help you navigate the sea of opportunities that await you, we have identified and collated a list of some of the unique startup ideas that are likely to pique your interest.

  • Content Writing

In the last decade, content writing has provided many opportunities for individuals looking to freelance during their free time. Now, large and small companies employ content writers to communicate with their existing and potential customers.

The digital marketing sphere is also much more effective now than ever because of the contributions made by content writers, like product descriptions, ad copies, press releases, and so much more. These communications enable potential candidates and customers to form opinions about the product or service.

Usually, content created by freelancers primarily comprises content that would attract the target audience. If you’re planning to try out freelance writing, you can start by writing blogs, essays, product descriptions, movie and TV show reviews, and so much more during your free time.

A freelance writing career will enable you to work and earn money without letting it affect your academic responsibilities. However, remember that success in this field of work will depend on your ability to create fresh, compelling, and engaging content.

  • Tutoring

If you are an individual with proficiency in a particular subject or in-depth experience in a specific skill, you can help others learn by starting your own tutoring business. You can charge your candidates for each session or hour of your time. You can efficiently market yourself within your institution by communicating with those around you and growing your business.

  • Re-Selling Products

Today’s youth have been earning money by buying items like clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and so much more at a low price and selling them to others at a higher price. This is great with limited items as people are likelier to buy little things at a higher price than the original price.

Additionally, e-commerce platforms enable you to sell products at affordable prices after procuring them from wholesalers, and this has become a great way to make extra money. To succeed at re-selling items, you must first identify your target audience and the things people are more likely to pay more for.

  • Become a YouTuber

There’s some serious money to be made here, whether through YouTube ads or sponsored content. Make simple guides or reviews about a topic you’re passionate about (games, comedy, or music are all popular). Offering something different shouldn’t prevent you from doing well, as long as you’re offering something unique.

  • Event Management

One of the trending part-time jobs available right now is event management, which does not take much time or work. It only requires creativity and modernity. You can choose to host or manage a variety of events and occasions.

Bonus? You can even find like-minded individuals looking to make an extra buck and form your team. A team will enable you to manage larger parties and events. If you do a good job, you can establish your business in the industry and have a career to fall back on after you graduate.

If you’d like to make a career out of this, you must ensure that you provide good services and have excellent communication skills to coordinate well.

  • Photography and Videography 

You can also purchase a DSLR and work with promotion companies as a photographer. It will enable you to earn a decent amount of money and keep you occupied for as long as they have events. Furthermore, social media is flooded with photography of various products, services, and events as it’s a great marketing tool. You can also take it up and start your photo booth.

There are ample work opportunities for videographers today. Since there is a rising need for video content, students with a keen eye for detail and good with a camera can quickly start their own videography business.

  • Laundry Services

Student entrepreneurs can profit from students’ laziness by doing laundry. You can wash, dry, iron, and deliver your fellow students’ clothes for a modest price. Your next step is to upgrade your business and begin targeting professionals and parents who are busy. Then you can design and print leaflets to market your services, hire more employees, and you will soon have a large laundry business with the necessary equipment.

  • Makeup Artist

In addition to bridal makeup, students can offer prosthetics and special effects services in the growing makeup artistry industry. Thousands of school students attend prom each year, so that you can be their makeup artist.


There are endless ideas for students looking to start their startups. All you need to do is figure out what works for you and how to navigate the challenges you might encounter on this journey as you build your startup. Identifying the correct market trends while balancing your academic work is vital.


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