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10 Best AI Tools for Marketing your Startup

Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming a significant part of the data strategy for most business owners. AI tools are also helping startups gain a competitive advantage in the market. AI is changing the business, developing marketing strategies, and promoting a business’s products or services. With the help of various AI tools, marketers can now accurately predict consumer behavior, personalize the customer experience, and make quicker business decisions without spending a ton of money.

AI marketing tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data and market trends to help companies create powerful marketing strategies. These tools help implement innovative marketing campaigns to better connect with their present and potential customers.

10 Best AI Tools for Marketing your Startup

  1. Surfer SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any startup to know the exact keywords you are targeting to ensure that your article ranks on the search engines. As the name suggests, Surfer SEO is one of the AI-enabled marketing tools that helps in the SEO ranking of your article.

  1. Personalize

It is essential to know about your visitors and their interests. Personalize tracks the digital footprint of your audience to give you insight along with real-time data on their recent activities. This helps in crafting accurate, personalized messages for your customers.

  1. Grammarly

Creating a marketing copy and content is one of the essential tasks of any startup. Content is used everywhere, whether it is email, social media, video, etc. Grammarly works as a proofreader, spell checker, and more for your content. This AI assistant will check all the spelling and grammar errors you must have ignored to make your text clearer and more impactful.


With advanced AI, helps analyze brand information to guide you with your logo design and other kinds of designs for your website. It generates thousands of creatives based on your requirements within seconds. Instead of brainstorming for hours to develop a logo design, you can use these AI tools to save time and effort.

  1. Zoho Zia

Through its Zoho CRM tool, Zoho Zia helps analyze and optimize your business workflow with retailers nationwide. It is a conversational virtual sales assistant where you can easily collect, segregate, and analyze vast amounts of data under one platform. Your marketing plan will work better only after analyzing customer behavior.


This AI tool is essential for startups to optimize their machine-learning workflow. H2O helps you in accessing top-notch analytics and creating models for predictive analysis. Through this platform, developers can import the algorithms for multiple uses. It also helps in optimizing ad campaigns through a machine learning system.

  1. Case Text

This AI-based tool helps you compose your brief more accurately instead of researching the material yourself. It helps in legal startups where Case Text enables you to find your case material faster. It boosts the legal research process by offering customized analysis. This tool also helps reduce draft preparation time.

  1. DNSFilter

There are several cybersecurity threats involved where constant customer interaction and client communication is concerned. DNSFilter helps in providing real-time protection to companies from malware attacks to phishing. This tool will offer an instant solution if you need safe access to third-party cloud services or need to identify domain-based threats.

  1. Albert AI

This AI-based tool helps in digital advertising to optimize marketing campaigns. It analyzes the data across your brand’s various social media pages and personalizes marketing for your audience. It is a self-learning tool that can help you develop effective marketing strategies to convert more customers for your startup.

  1. Chatfuel

Responding to continuous queries by your customers may be a tedious task. Chatfuel is an AI-based chatbot with no code that can help you automate tedious tasks and acts as an interface between your brand and your customers. Unlike other monotonous chatbots, it has the drag-and-drop feature and injects some personality into your digital customer service.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence tools make life easier for entrepreneurs and enhance efficiency by reducing time spent on tasks. The best part of integrating AI tools is that the technology lets you take control of complex business operations while boosting the growth of your business.

Many startups are utilizing the power of AI tools, and new ventures are ready to welcome them soon. AI is helping all sectors and their businesses to enhance their productivity. AI tools are helping to implement targeted strategies and quickly grow a startup.