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7 best workflow automation software

Repetition prevents progress and creates lethargy. Thereby, productivity slows down. Hence businesses worldwide are adopting automated procedures that can free up the employees of mundane and repetitive tasks.

Below we will discuss what is workflow automation software and its importance.

What is workflow automation software?

Workflow automation software is designed to perform repetitive tasks in a specific order. The system helps organizations perform activities efficiently that add value. Whether it is product manufacturing, information processing, or rendering a service, they are accomplished in a short time qualitatively.

Managers will need to work on multiple projects and manage problems, challenges, and teams in a given time frame. Workflow automation tools help manage them well and realize them. Many business processes can be automated on a daily basis. Consequently, you can experience enhanced productivity and optimal usage of the resources.

Workflow automation software features 

  1. Tasks scheduling
  2. Efficient work management
  3. Creating and assessing tasks
  4. Assessing the teams and processes
  5. Document sharing
  6. Resource utilization to the best
  7. Seamless team collaboration
  8. Boost employee productivity
  9. Efficient work sync over the teams

Top Workflow automation software 

  1. Asana:

Asana is the best option when organizations require to streamline their work operations. Workflow Builder is its new feature that enables develop efficient workflows with the help of visual tools to collaborate the projects in a commonplace, connect various teams and organize work.

It can even connect with other popular apps such as Google Drive and Microsoft Teams to simplify your work. Asana provides customized templates and can generate rules for automating tasks.

Important Features 

  1. Project management
  2. Team communication
  3. Readymade templates
  4. Track the set goals at a common place
  5. Calendar, list, timeline, and board views

Pricing details 

A free plan exists for most startups and businesses, while a premium plan is between $10.99 per user/month and $24.99 per user/month for annual billing.

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp has features comprising docs, charts, tasks, apps, and goals. It supports the best docs app for monitoring and managing strategy and growth and can also be easily integrated with other platforms.

ClickUp supports 15+ strength views and customization according to your needs. Even it automates the routine work and processes them with various actions and triggers. Initially, you can utilize the prebuilt automation templates and tailor them according to your needs. ClickUp offers a unique feature called the whiteboard, where you can post your ideas.

Important Features 

  1. Real-time reporting
  2. Time estimation and tracking
  3. Dark mode
  4. Bulk Rescheduling
  5. Customizable checklists and tasks
  6. Box views, workload, and Dashboard

Pricing plan:

Provides 100MB storage for free. The paid plan is an annual bill between $5 and $19 per user/month.

  1. Pipefy

Pipefy enhances productivity with email automation. Pipefy enables making codeless workflows. It allows you to develop custom integration and a seamless information flow. Also, it helps you commonly place all requests at a centralized location. In addition, the prebuilt templates list is also available to choose from.

Important features

  1. Approval Flows
  2. Service portals
  3. Sharable Forms
  4. Email templates, Email Automation
  5. Dashboard

Pricing details 

First-time users can avail of a free plan with limited features. The paid plan is between $18 to $30 per user/month with annual billing.

  1. Integromat

Integromat is an interactive platform that helps view how the automation process is done. It allows you to retrieve data. Its built-in routers can help divide tasks into multiple routers. It helps with the initial setup through 1500+ scenarios.

Integromat comes with HTTP/SOAP and JSON/XML modules to connect with any app without a single line of code. Consequently, you can enable duplicating the scenarios for accelerated work. It even works for mobile devices.

Important features :

  1. Execution Dashboard
  2. Scenario Templates
  3. Integrations to Apps,
  4. Connections and Webhooks Management
  5. Routers
  6. Triggers
  7. Error handlers
  8. Templates
  9. Unlimited Steps

Pricing details:

A free plan is available. Pricing begins from $9/month to $299/month, or you can avail yourself of the custom plan if you need it.

  1. Integrify

Integrify helps organizations implement an efficient, streamlined process through visual process designers. To capture leads, it constructs responsive web-based forms. The process reporting feature helps track and maintain workflow audits. Also, the API enables connecting Integrify with anything.

Important features:

  1. Mobile Access
  2. Unlimited forms
  3. Unlimited Processes
  4. Unlimited audit Trails
  5. Prebuilt free process apps
  6. Email-enabled approval or actions
  7. Customized reminders and notifications

Pricing details

You can enjoy customized and flexible pricing depending on the preferred approaches and requirements.

  1. Chargebee:

Chargebee is a subscription management software that supports organizations automate their workflow. It helps businesses handle their payments, invoices, and subscription plans in one place. Chargebee’s in-built billing system helps pay customer bills regularly. Hence, it helps track finance and ensures that customers know their current subscription payments.

Important features 

  1. Revenue Optimization
  2. Billing and payments
  3. Data export/Import
  4. Statistics and reports
  5. Third-party integration
  6. Reporting/Analytics
  7. Activity Dashboard
  8. Performance
  9. Dunning
  10. Revenue recognition
  11. Nintex

Nintex is an automated process management platform. The app is simple with an average UI. Nintex helps create lead-capturing forms and enhances the user experience with the latest logic. Also, it helps design complex workflows and automates the complete process.

Moreover, you can easily create documents through data import from any app within minutes and ensure quick deal processing. Nintex supports Robotic Processing Automation( RPA) that automates all tedious tasks.

Important features 

  1. Authenticated Tasks
  2. Workflow Testing
  3. User Groups
  4. Web Request Display
  5. Robotic Process Automation
  6. Process Analytics
  7. eSignature

Pricing details: Begins with $910/month and extends to $1400/month


Workflow automation software helps streamline business operations. The above-given information enables you to understand the basics of workflow automation and its services and how they can transform your business.


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